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MYDEL Achievements

Since the establishment of our vocational program 2009, 260 vulnerable adolescents, such as teenage mothers and school dropouts from Mengo-Kisenyi and other deprived areas of Kampala participated in the training activities. 78 of them successfully completed the classes in 2010, 120 of them in 2011.The first graduation was held at Mengo Social Centre Hall.

The computer training centre, which has been established in 2010, enabled 30 graduates to develop their skills in all MS Office programs up to now. Furthermore, providing access to the internet and the necessary knowhow gave them the opportunity to join the global network.
Since its establishment in 2008, the soccer academy has increased up to a number of 120 team members comprising of former street the formal school system. Competing with soccer teams in and around Kampala, up to now the boys won 28 trophies. In 2011 the soccer academy was ranked best in Kampala district due to its improved performance, promoted to first division league among other tournaments.

In 2010 the new MYDEL Children’s Centre in Nansana was constructed with the funds from Chellaston School in UK. Accommodating 55 of the most vulnerable children from Mengo-Kisenyi and Nansana community, the centre comprises of 4 dormitories, 4 classrooms, kitchen facilities and1 office. In June 2011, a separate girls’ dormitory was constructed by our friends from the UK.