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MYDEL Soccer Academy

In 2009 MYDEL established the soccer academy, which mainly focuses on street children from Kampala area. As previous experience has shown, a successful reintegration of this beneficiary group into the formal education system requires a consideration of the children’s daily life background.
Living on the streets of Uganda, many of the children haven’t ever been integrated in any kind of education system, be it formal or non-formal. Being responsible for meeting their daily needs, their life was characterized by drug consumption, violence and abuse.

The idea of the soccer academy is to strengthen the children’s self-confidence by encouraging them to develop their individual talents. Therefore the academy’s approach is to start from the children’s potential resources. Living and training together as a team enables them furthermore the enhancement of their social skills, gives them the experience of being integrated into the soccer community, where they are accepted with all their personal characteristics.

At the moment, 75 girls and boys are a part of the soccer academy. Through this project, up to now MYDEL achieved to mobilize scholarships for 58 boys from private and public donors, which enabled access to the formal school system. However, to enable a successful integration into the education process, during the time of transition the soccer academy provides pedagogic assistance and the support needed by every individual child.

For five of the boys playing at the soccer academy, MYDEL provides a home and basic accommodation, so they can focus on their training. The boys are currently living in two rooms with mattresses to sleep on and the basic equipment to cook for themselves. Therefore they have to learn how to be responsible and provide for themselves.

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