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MYDEL Vocational Training Center

The vocational training centre was established in 2008by MYDEL. It targets in particular vulnerable youths of the slum area in Mengo-Kisenyi. Due to their lack of school education or any other qualification, the access into a job is very limited for the majority of the boys and girls from this context. Hence the unemployment rate in the intervention area is extremely high. The vocational training centre offers them the opportunity to professionalise in a certain subject by attending one of the offered classes over a time period of one year.

Altogether the training centre currently provides a range of six classes: a wood carving class, a tailoring class, weaving, tie and dye, paper beads as well as a computer class.

During the course of one year, the students are imparted basic and advanced skills and techniques the particular field they have chosen to attend. The methodology is based on an enhanced curriculum elaborated by MYDEL. All classes take place five days a week and are facilitated by at one professional trainer. At the end of each training year, all successfully attendant participating attendees receive qualification certificates. Since the initial establishment of the training centre89 students have completed the classes successfully.

Aside from the acquisition of technical skills, the centre can be as well regarded as an opportunity for the participants to share their daily problems, experiences, worries and coping strategies. Thus in a long term a sense of community can be developed and a social network of mutual support is established.

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