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McQuilton Academy in Nansana

Thanks to a generous donation from Chellaston School in the UK the children’s centre in Nansana, a small town located 7 kilometres northwest of Kampala, was opened in 2010, providing home and education opportunities for 55 orphans from the informal settlements of Mengo-Kisenyi.

Initially the program was started in 2003, providing informal education opportunities under the program “Basic Education for Urban Poverty Areas” (BEUPA), funded by Kampala City Council. That time, MYDEL held its daily classes inside a wrecked wooden shed inside the targeted slum area. Experience showed, however, that it was a big challenge for these children to constantly attending the classes as they still lived in an environment characterised by child labour, drug abuse and domestic violence. As the majority of this specific target group had to head the household, taking responsibility for the maintenance of siblings and other family members, the education prospects within this environment were sorely limited.

The new children’s centre provides a protected learning environment for the children, giving them the opportunity to attend school up to class primary four. Moreover MYDEL ensures food supply, hygiene and healthcare for all children who stay in the centre. The centre is managed by our administrator, who is supported by a team of 3 teachers,1 matron, a cook and a gatekeeper.

Following a systemic approach, MYDEL is closely collaborating with the children’s families, aiming a stabilisation and a sustainable improvement of their living conditions through economic empowerment, psychosocial counselling and the mobilisation of individual resources.

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